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All About The Builders

Mirar at the Cedars is a joint development between Quail Hollow and Dig it Development.

Quail Hollow was founded by Bryan Elliott, a Dallas area native. His background includes building and operating several businesses across many different industries. In 2015, he sold his advertising/marketing company to a private equity company, He had built the company over 20 years to 900 employees and $90 million in revenue. After he sold his business, he developed Quail Hollow in Westlake Texas and Mirar at the Cedars in Dallas. Bryan has an extensive knowledge in real estate, logistics, scheduling, purchasing, and banking.


Dig it Development was founded by Brad Friedman who has been a boutique builder/developer since 2009. Prior to entering the real estate industry, Brad was a successful sales/marketing executive for many years. Brad’s interest in the downtown Dallas real estate market began while building his own energy efficient home in the eclectic Cedars neighborhood, adjacent to downtown Dallas. The experience of having a highly unique home built in the same neighborhood as his future projects, was a great learning experience and the impetus for his Cedar’s development projects. Brad has participated in over 17 highly unique home builds in the area and has dozens more in planning. Many of these dwellings have won awards, and he was selected to build a project for a national TV show. Brad has become the “go to guy” for anyone looking at real estate in the Cedars.

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